PVC Material Shade Net

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If you can oder more than 5000m2 netting from us,you will get the price

Please Note:

MOQ:    3Ton (about 30000 m2)

ShadeNett Co.,LTD is specializes in the manufacture of a wide range of shade net, also supply high quality anti bird net,garden net,safety net etc.



TypePVC Material Shade Net
ApplicationAgriculture, fishing, animal husbandry, wind protection and soil cover
UV Resistanceyears5
Place of OriginChina
Roll WidthMeasuredm1-6m
Roll LengthMeasuredmby your requirement
ColorGreen, dark green, black, yellow, gray, blue, etc
Shading Capacity%30-100


  • The excellent light reflection will keep a good climate in greenhouse.
  • Lower the risk of burning the crop and keep cooler while getting more light.
  •  A suitable environment is good for crop and people in the greenhouse.
  • Used at night to reduce the loss of radiation and the condensation on crop.