Shading net 95%

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If you can oder more than 5000m2 netting from us,you will get the price

Please Note:

MOQ:    3Ton (about 30000 m2)

ShadeNett Co.,LTD is specializes in the manufacture of a wide range of shade net, also supply high quality anti bird net,garden net,safety net etc.



TypeHDPE Tape Nets
ApplicationShading / Scaffolding / Printable
UV Resistanceyears5
MassEN 9846gr/m2150
Roll WidthMeasuredm1-6
Roll LengthMeasuredm100
ColorDark Green
Shading Capacity%95


  • The 90% – 95% shade nets are widely used for the cultivation of ornamental plants , provide ventilation and cool shadow circumstances
  • Covering the roof of the poultry houses and cowsheds. Provides perfect protection against sun radiaton.
  • Also acts as ground cover and helps to prevent weeds. The net allows penetration of irrigation water from sprinklers.
  • The widths are up to 10mt. Other widths are available due to customer requirements
  • These shade nettings are flexible, strong and easy installation
  • 100 % Recyclable
  • 100% original HDPE raw material with UV additives. All our machines are 2013 model with highest technology